Unsure where to start?
Strategy Check-up
Strategy Check-up
  • Conduct a quick check-up
  • Identify potential development needs
  • Get your individual „digital transformation maturity“ report

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Business optimization
Business optimization
  • Make the most of your existing marketing and sales resources
  • Review and challenge your current business model
  • Optimize your processes (e.g. CRM)

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Business transformation
Business transformation
  • Adapt or re-invent your business model
  • Engage your key-stakeholders
  • Empower your people
  • Get your individual transformation roadmap

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You are in B2B and are looking for national or international growth opportunities? We specialize in customer centric growth strategies and transformation processes, from a strategic check-up down to business transformation (including digital business transformation and new business models). We support you as Management Consultant, Business Coach or Interim Manager according to your needs. Unleash your potential!
For companies in a
transformation phase

Digital transformation starts offline! Identify the growth opportunities and the challenges of new technologies for your company from a business perspective. Digital transformation impacts traditional business models, even in B2B. It’s “just” a matter of time and speed. Take advantage of the upswing now!

How we help? We reduce complexity and take you through your transformation process in a structured and systematic way

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For start-ups in an
expansion stage

You are just about to turn your supersonic jet into a modern long-haul aircraft with more passengers. It is a new challenge. You already have a flexible IT landscape. But what made you successful in the start-up stage might become a challenge in the expansion stage.

How we help? We offer a special package for Start-ups in the expansion stage to meet your specific needs

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What makes our approach
so specific

Your benefit at a glance...

  • You are the Pilot! We are your co-pilot
  • Actionable concepts
  • Individual solution packages
  • Our specialization: B2B (medium-sized and big businesses, start ups in the Expansion phase), complex products and services